It is believed that IT is the most important factor for integrating the developing and developed countries. We cannot ignore the effect of World Wide Web in our daily life even in developing countries. Not only the Internet is spreading into almost every part of the world and we face every day emergence of new application and technologies but also with the help of mobile communication especially via internet we have been able to reduce the distances. These trends are transforming our lives and activities into e-societies, e-business, e-healthcare, e-government and so forth. Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as a tool of socio-economic development, is a significant issue for developing countries.
It is important for every developing country to have a national ICT strategy as a foundation whereby the great potential of ICT can be realized, promote development, exploit technology and alleviate communication problems. The government must play an important role, not only as a major user, but also through its other role as regulator, promoter and diffuser. Through declining hardware costs and increasing benefits, IT has been spreading into developing countries. There is a rapid expansion in the use of IT in many sectors of the economy, particularly in public organizations. However this usually occurs with external ‘assistance’. As latecomers to the ICT scene, developing countries face enormous difficulties – perhaps the most important being that they are becoming users of ICT without building up the necessary infrastructure, planning and manpower to support it.
Considering these facts, ICT industry in Iran aims to become a producer rather than a mere user. Thus ICT field in Iran benefits from great opportunities for investments. Nafis Group entered this business as investor – founder with IT Orbit Company, Pars Royal, Four Sun, Saman Energy, Orasel, Faraz Mahoor Iranian. These companies produce software and solutions in RFID, GIS, Smart Cards, ERP, BPMS, SPL, BPR, Core Banking, HR software, educational software, program training and etc as well as providing service for cell phone operators in Iran. With these companies Nafis Group experienced great achievements such as producing e-purchasing program for NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) and IRAN NANOTECHNOLOGY LAB NETWORK software.


Pars Royal

Saman Energy