About Us


Established in 2007, within 7 years Nafis Group expanded to become one of the most successful private holdings in Iran. Nafis Group is a private entity, specialized in investment which has 20 companies and more than 400 employees and variety of portfolios. Although we are a relatively young company, we always look for new ideas and products to invest. Our growth is due to investing on new technologies, branding and successful M & A. Currently we have interest in the following fields:



-Food & Beverage

-Heavy Machinery


-Joint Venture


-NANO Technology

-Other Industries

Benefiting from Innovative thinking and views about business and investment, experienced executive and management teams, employing a combination of talented and experienced employees, synergy among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation to creates an enhanced combined effect and considerable financial resources are parts of our competitive advantage.


By benefiting from a century’s worth of accumulated experience of our companies, Nafis Group endeavors to:

-Form and implement ethical principles in all aspects of its business;

-Preserve and promote the real value of its companies’ resources;

-Preserve the value of Iran’s economical activities as a basis for competition fitting for its position;

-Expanding its investment to international markets and forming successful joint ventures and partnerships with international companies and businesses;

-Becoming the most successful and profitable holding in Iran till 2020 and in the Middle East till 2030 and

-Value the founders and sponsors of legal and personal opportunities at all times.



The world is changing all around us and NOW is the road to TOMORROW. To thrive as a business over the next decade and beyond, we need to understand the future trends and forces that will affect and shape our business. We must excel at whatever we do, no matter how, when and where we are going to invest. We must achieve efficiency by using innovation, renovation, consumer and customer engagement in each and every one of our companies – acquired or established. Regardless of the industry, we are ready to invest on new ideas and changing a possibility to a useful and profitable reality. That’s our 2030 Vision. It creates a “Roadmap” for our business and helps us to ensure our success in the future.

Our Values

Commitment and leading by example.
Pursuing excellence and efficiency in all we do
Respect differences and association through diversities.
Turning a possibility into a reality.
Delivering our promises and thus gaining our customers and consumers trust.
Respecting the future generation by financing responsible and sustainable ideas and companies.