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The food industry is a global collective of diverse businesses which helps supplying considerable amount of the food and food energy consumed by the world population. It consists of agriculture and farming, manufacturing, processing and packaging, retailing and marketing, Kitchens/Chefs and also regulation (local, regional, national, and international rules and regulations), food quality, food safety, marketing/advertising, education (academic, consultancy, vocational), R&D, food technology, Financial services and manufacturing (agrichemicals, agricultural construction, farm machinery and supplies, seed, etc.). In today’s world, the importance of food industry especially in producing precooked food, food ingredients, dairy products and cereals is undeniable.
Nowadays, cereals and their products account for a significant portion of the food consumed by world population. Pasta is one the most important cereal product with a variety of shapes, tastes, nutritional value, and manner of consumption. Considering these facts, Nafis Group entered this industry with NC macaron. Even before the large-scale technological advances in production of pasta in the world, NC macaron has been known as one of leaders between pasta producers in Iran since 1972. Now with the help of state-of-the-art machinery, latest technology of the world, equipped laboratories and devoted staff, NC macaron produces different variety products including pasta, noodle, lasagna, cake flour, grain, jelly powder, all purpose flour, precooked soup and etc.
In addition to NC macaron, to diversify its business in food and beverage industry, Nafis Group also has a cooking oil factory, SAMAN Sesame Oil, producing 100% pure sesame oil extracted from the best sesame grain. SAMAN sesame oil is a well known brand in Iran and in near future will be imported to neighboring countries.

NC Macaron

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