Heavy Machinery

Today many countries’ economy still depends on industries such as oil and gas, mining and agriculture and related activities which not only helps with GDP but it also facilitates development particularly in infrastructure; a section which in turn helps the improvement with aforementioned industries. So in these countries, heavy machinery has a great importance to the extent that, in developing countries heavy machinery equipment is invaluable to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets.

Although Iran has a great need for heavy machinery equipment, especially as one of the biggest exporter of oil and gas, unfortunately we are still clients of products not the producers. Therefore using a quarter of a century experience from working with Caterpillar Co. and aiming to supply heavy machinery and its spare parts, Nafis Group established SAMIM Machine Co. This company supplies equipments and spare parts from brands like Caterpillar, P&H, Joyglobal, GE Industrial System, Gradall, Amercable, L&H, Fault Wizard, Brunner and Lay and Ingersoll Rand and caters to companies in both public and private sector.