Nano Technology

Although the concept of nanotechnology dates back to 1959, the emergence of nanotechnology as a field happened in 1980s. First sparkles of nanotechnology in Iran were lit in 2001 and two years later Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council was established in 2003. Iran’s nanotechnology strategic plan that ends in 2014 was classified in the three sections of short term, mid-term and long term programs and its main goal is the production of wealth and improving life quality of people. One of the major missions in the plan is that Iran must be among the top 15 countries by 2014. Therefore a lot investment has been made in nanotechnology field in order to industrialize this science. Energy, health, water and environment, construction, and nonmaterial industry are Iran’s national priorities in the field of nanotechnology. Taking into consideration the fact that petroleum and gas are among the main industries in Iran, energy zone is the main priority in the field of nanotechnology research. Fuel cells and petrochemical industries are among national priorities in the field of energy.

In the past 10 years, more than 140 nanotechnology-based companies have been established in eight different industries. Half of the companies are active in the field of health, drug, and materials. Facilities, construction, and building ranked second in the ranking of companies active in the field of nanotechnology.

The production of laboratorial and industrial devices related to nanotechnology has been one of the major priorities for nanotechnology authorities in Iran. Therefore, numerous stimulus programs have been organized to persuade inventors and researchers to manufacture nanotechnology devices and equipment. Up to 2013, Iranian companies produced 116 devices and 257 nano-products and presented them to the market.

Nafis Group has entered nanotechnology business by not only investing in small and medium businesses and but also establishing Iranian Nano Pouyesh Investment, Nano Almas Nafis Omid and Fanavaran Dena nafis companies. Some of their greatest achievements are producing advanced chemical raw materials with special formulation for the first time ever in Iran especially nanosilica and cooperating with the first and only manufacturer of synthetic Aluminumsilicate in Middle East. Also with the help of Nafis Group ICT subsidiaries, a software was designed and lunched to connect all nano labs and establish IRAN NANOTECHNOLOGY LAB NETWORK.

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